Sunday, December 6, 2009

REG-3 Questions

131 days remaining
Mood – Annoyed
Study Time – 2.0 hours (103.5 total - REG: 15.0 - AUD: 89.5)
Sections Taken/Passed:  AUD/none

I did fairly poorly on the questions today.  I only got 71% on the questions.  Most of these were due to missing small minor rules.  These questions really show the method of study I used for AUD is not going to work for REG.   The questions are few enough that going through them over and over again will only make me memorize the specific questions, not the rules and exceptions.  REG may be served better by reading and re-reading the material.  Written notes beyond the highlighting and in-book notes will probably be useful as well.  I also need to take a deep look at the flash cards to see if they will be of value in my study.

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