Monday, June 21, 2010

This Week?

I talked with the people over at the Texas state board last Friday and was told all my paperwork is good and I should be issued a license this week.  This is highly amusing to me since the post office still says the package is undelivered.  That will teach me to spend the extra buck or two on delivery confirmation.


  1. Hello Dales:

    Just wanted to let you know that I got my FAR score today and I got a score of 91.

    Thank you for all your help and support.

  2. That is awesome Tara. Doesn't it feel great to have FAR behind you?

  3. Yes it does, but I feel like I have no more energy to keep going. :)

    I have not studied for the past 3 weeks because it was hard to focus without knowing my grade. Now that I have my grade, I wish I did not take it easy and just studied.

  4. The break is good, but kicking back into study mode will be difficult.

    You are through the hardest of them. The rest will not be as bad.

    What section(s) do you have left?

  5. I only finished FAR. What do u suggest, BEC or Audit to do next. If I choose Audit, I will take it by August. I will then study for BEC in August and September and take it by the beginning of October, After that, I will study Regulation in October and November and take it by the end of November. What do you think?

  6. Honestly, since you are planning to do all of them by the end of the year the order is somewhat irrelevant. REG for last makes sense as it is changing the least (in the event your schedule shifts into 2011). AUD is 100% memorization. It is still a lot of work, but there aren't problems to work/solve. It could be a good break after surviving FAR. BEC is a mixed bag. I stressed the most on it yet found it to be my easiest test in the testing center. REG was a ton of info but was actually the most logical & straight-forward section to me. When you get into BEC-5 let me know (email/IM/something) and I can work through the shortcuts to direct variances that once you get will make those a non-issue.

  7. Congratulations, Dale/Jarroll! I'm sure you are really glad to have this behind you, but feeling pretty good about doing it. Glad to see you got it.

    ~Lani (Ekat)