Monday, May 10, 2010


Where for art thou Scores? 


  1. I am also using Becker, leading up tp the exam during the fnal review (final 2 weeks before the actually exam) whould you focus more on the lectures/reading or the questions?

  2. I focused almost all of my study time on the MC questions. I only reviewed the book/lecture on areas I was having trouble on.

  3. Again, good luck Dale.

    I am sure you passed.

    If you did not, it is not the end of the world and I am sure if you try again, you will pass.

    I am sooo nervous. I am scheduled for next week on Thursday!

  4. Dale,

    For your exam experience what do you think is the raw percent score to pass the exam?

    I have read that 50% to 60%, what do you think?

  5. The method to the madness that is scoring is frustrating to try and guess. There are simply too many factors to even take a guess. I suppose if you got all of the easier questions right, all of your misses were on harder questions, and you nail the simulations and written you could possibly get by with 60%. When it comes down to it you will never know the inner workings of the scoring or have the time during the test to ponder it. You can only focus on the test you have and hope for the best.

  6. Hey Dale,
    Today, I took the first practice final exam and my results were the following:
    Test Booklet # 1- 90%
    Test Booklet # 2- 80%
    Test Booklet #3- 80%
    Test Booklet #4
    • Tab #1- 0% - I think I just accidently skipped over it
    • Tab #2- 100%
    • Tab #3- 100%
    • Tab #4- 100%
    Test Booklet #5
    • Tab #1- 86%
    • Tab #2- 60%
    • Tab #3- 100%
    • Tab #4- 100%

    How do I determine my overall grade?

    I know when you took the practice test, you posted an overall percentage. Can you determine what mine would calculate to.

    Your help is appreciated.


  7. Another Question:

    Did you find the informational content on the real exam similar to the practice exam?

    My mind is about to blow. I am beginning to feal like you did right before the exam. Right now, I am impatient and I just want to be done with it. If I had a choice to take it tonight, I would. I want my life back!

    But of course, my life will not be back until I finish the other three sections. If I pass, at lease FAR is out of the way.


  8. Tab 4 is just the research question which you have to self-grade anyhow, so ignore it and check the answer to see if you actually got it right.

    To estimate score:
    (# MC correct / 90 MC questions) X .7
    (# simulation correct / total simulation) X .2
    1-10 points for written

    Basically the % correct on the MC times 70%
    the % correct on simulation X 20%
    then 1-10 points total on written

    It is a rough estimate and not at all how the actual exam is graded, but it is the best I had to work with.

    I found the actual exams to be less computational than the practice tests. Becker's content got me good enough to get through the exams.

  9. Still nadda. AICPA hasn't even started releasing this cycle to NASBA/State Boards. It is not looking good for this week at all.