Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The AICPA released almost 4,900 FAR scores to the state boards yesterday.  That means a bunch of folks will start getting their scores tonight.  Texas doesn't update until 2:30-4:30am though, so hopefully I'll know something tomorrow morning.


  1. This is torture... I hope you are correct so I can focus on REG.

  2. Called TX State Board because my testing activity (once again) did not show that I sat for FAR (in April) but it posted that I sat for AUD (last week) so I wanted to make sure something was not wrong. The guy was checking my account and says "Oh your grade just came in.. you will find out after midnight."

    Do you think they will actually come out at midnight or not till 4 am? But for sure by tomorrow we should know...

    Once again.. torture!

  3. My exam score for FAR comes out next month. I will try to forget and not think about it. I will just start looking for my grade after June 25th.

    It is very hard for me to concentrate on studying for BEC because I am not sure if I passed FAR or not, since this was my first exam.

    If I passed, that will be a motivator for me to study.

    I am worried for both of you. I will be looking to hear good news about both.

    Good Luck!

  4. Dale,
    Wondering if you could give me some advice.

    I am studying for AUD, and am scoring around 60-75% on mini 20 question testlets. What do you suggest for me to get those percents up.

    I am making notes of what I am doing wrong. Should I just keep reading my notes over and over, or keep doing more and more MCQ, till I have virtually seen a gazillion possible questions.

    Your insight would be appreciated.

  5. Yeah, waiting on scores suck. Texas just re-worked their entire website. It is possible the update time has changed. I didn't see anywhere on the current site with a "last updated at XX:XX" message like the old one had. It is possible the update time has changed, but we don't have any good way of figuring it out. I will probably just check when I get up around 6:30-7 in the morning. I'll be letting you all know when I find out.

    As to our newest Anonymous poster on AUD: There is a method to AUD questions that worked wonders for me. Don't just read the question and look for the right answer. Read the question. Before looking at the answers identify what topic the question is testing. Think of what you know on that topic. Then read all the answers. Identify which answers are wrong AND why they are wrong. Identify what would have to change in the answer to make it right. Then choose the right answer. Read all the answer explanations. They should match with what you came up with in identifying why the wrong answers were wrong. This will help you learn to think through the questions and prepare you for working the questions on exam day.