Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ending on the Wrong Note

3 days remaining (adjusted to final test date - saved 9 days over October 2009 estimate)
Mood - Annoyed
Study Time – 3.5 hours (401.5 total - FAR: 121.0 - BEC: 74.5 - REG: 118.0 - AUD: 89.5)
Scores:  AUD-94, REG-97, BEC-93

My (hopefully) last practice final exam is my weakest performance yet.  I did outstanding on the simulations and very poorly on the MC.  They really twisted the questions in the MC for this exam to the point of insanity.  Wording on many of the questions was beyond poor.  I hate knowing the topic and being unable to figure out what the heck the question is saying or asking.  I do have two topics to go review tomorrow though.  All in I think my score would have been a 69 (again giving myself 5 points for the written).  This is only 2 points worse than yesterdays, but seems worse since I dropped under that 70% mark.  I'm still good overall once you figure in my actual performance over practice exam performance.  I am a bit scared about this section though.  Sadly I think it could come down to the luck of which types of questions I get.  Luck is not a strategy though.


  1. Some of the best things in this world happen because people put the effort in, have something clicking between the ears, and involve a little bit of luck. You obviously have the first two down....

    Just review some of your notes and relax for the next two days... only you doubting yourself this late in the game can hold you back!

    Good LUCK!

  2. I'm working under the assumption that the actual exam won't be as bad as the practice finals. Everything so far has worked out. Given that I've been scoring in the 90's, even if I do worse on this exam I should have some points to give and still come out passing. It is almost over.

  3. I wouldn't put too much stock in the Final Exams... I don't think I tested in the 70%s in any of them, yet I passed all of the exams (granted in the low 80s, which still counts).

  4. All things considered I'm pretty calm at this point. This being my 4th section I'm pretty sure things will fall into place and work out. 48% of the people taking this section pass. The question is "have I put in as much or more effort than the 52% that don't pass?" If the answer is yes (and I'm assuming it is) then I'm in good shape just playing the odds. I've also passed the other 3 sections in the 90s doing what I've done for FAR. If it worked for them it should work for FAR. Even if it doesn't work as well I've got almost 20 points to play with. Overall I'll be fine and I'm actually pretty relaxed about the whole thing. It will soon be over.

  5. Dale- Are the questions in the becker final exams different/new to what you have seen in the homework and supplemental questions?

  6. They are completely new questions that are not in the regular MC or supplemental MC questions. They cover the same topics and are similar in style. I've always found the practice final exams to be worth the time to work through.