Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Good News Is.....The Bad News Is....

6 days remaining (adjusted to final test date - saved 9 days over October 2009 estimate)
Mood - Good and Frustrated
Study Time – 2.5 hours (390.5 total - FAR: 110.5 - BEC: 74.5 - REG: 118.0 - AUD: 89.5)
Scores:  AUD-94, REG-97, BEC-93

The good news is I did a progress test tonight.  The other good news is I am just fine on my overall timing.  The even better news is I got 89 out of the 100 correct.  Two of my misses were RTCDQ issues (calculated year 1 when asked for year 2 type of crap).  One of my misses was me second guessing myself.  I had the right answer, knew it was the right answer, and then went with the other answer anyways.  Several of the others I missed weren't too bad and I'll be ok on those topics in the future.  I've got a sheet of notes going with quick one line statements to remind me of things I've missed (ie. Gov't-wide F/S = operational accountability and Stock dividends effective as of beginning of period for WACSO calculation just like stock splits).  I'll review the one line notes for items I've missed just before walking into the testing center as a last minute reminder.

The bad news is I felt like I was struggling through the questions.  After three of these tests I really shouldn't let the questions get to me while doing a section, but they did tonight.  The other bad news is I still missed that damned $12,000 truck with FV of $20,000 non-commercial substance exchange question.  That is the third time I've missed that freaking question.  It is getting annoying.  I think I am going to watch that section of the lecture and work through those examples tomorrow until I can do them in my sleep.

On a "Dale is insane" note, I did try to reschedule my test today.  I was going to schedule it for this Saturday if possible, Monday otherwise (moving the day up).  There were no days available in the Austin testing center though before the 14th, which is when I'm scheduled for anyhow.  The Monday test day wouldn't have changed my studying.  The Saturday test would have meant I would not have done one of the practice finals.  I just want the whole thing to be over that much sooner at this point and would have been willing to pay the $35 to make it happen.

My current plans for the next week:
Friday - took vacation from work, will work the simulations in Becker's software (yard work & rest/relaxation)
Saturday - practice final #1
Sunday - practice final $2
Monday - (work) and  read notes, spend little bit of time with the ratios
Tuesday - (work) and rest & relaxation
Wednesday - TEST.........
Thursday - not study, not study, do happy dance, not study some more


  1. Hey Dale, email me when you get a chance. I can't get your "email me" link to work.

  2. I sent you an email. Also, I found out why my email me link wasn't working. The new blog template I had to switch over to was changing my mailto:dale(at) to http://mailto:dale(at) which won't actually work for a link. Silly Links gadget. It is fixed now.