Monday, April 26, 2010


I'm getting fidgety now waiting on scores.  I've still got 3-4 weeks to go assuming I don't end up having to wait until June.  I am enjoying my free time again though.  I'm still checking the forums over at daily as well as responding and checking my blog a couple of times a day.  The test is over but the obsession has remained.


  1. I am in the same boat as you, I took Reg on Sat afternoon and it was last section, just waiting for the scores now. I left the exam feeling the exact same way I have felt about the other 3... horrible. Yet I passed the other 3 so I am keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. Hey Dale! So does it usually take two months before you get your grade?

  3. Scores are released on a system that is too goofy to explain here. I'll write up a post on it for you and link to Jeff's video.