Thursday, October 22, 2009

Head Swimming

175 days remaining
Mood – head swimming
Study Time – 3 hours and some change (14.5 total)
Sections Taken/Passed:  none/none

I did a ton of reading tonight.  I re-read the material from the first class and feel really good about it.  I then read the material for the next class.  I see the general idea of what they are trying to do, but the 50 pages of material (for the second class) is all so similar to each other that my head is swimming trying to figure out the differences they are trying to explain.  Although, this is exactly why I like to read the material before the class.  I'll go to class, hear it again, get better examples from the video lecture and the person administering the class, then it will make more/better sense.  It was a painful couple of hours though.  The good news is tomorrow is day off from studying!

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