Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Questions, Questions, Questions! Do you ever end?

170 days remaining
Mood –Committed
Study Time – 3.5 hours (30.0 total)
Sections Taken/Passed:  none/none 

I worked all the AUD-2 multiple choice questions and got 92% on them.  Some of my incorrect answers were RTCDQ problems (Read the Cock-a-Doody Question).  I feel pretty good about the questions, but really need to go through them another couple of times.  After that I went to look at the questions for AUD-3 class (tomorrow's class).  There are 197 questions not counting the supplementary ones (another 30-something).  Those took a long time to go through.  They were a bit demoralizing since I scored lower on them than the others.  While I didn't do too bad (76%) for my first pass through the questions, it was less than I had done on my first pass through AUD-2.  With AUD-2 I felt that I wasn't too far off the mark.  With these there was a lot of plain old guessing.  I only read the material the one time and I actually did better than I felt I did (felt like 60-65%).  If this follows like the other sections, I'll feel a ton better about the material after listening to the lecture tomorrow.  I almost wish I had one class per week so I could lock in my understanding of each section before starting another section.  I am less concerned with this for AUD than for the REG and FAR sections.

The realities of what I am undertaking is beginning to sink in this week.  So far I've done great on sticking to my study schedule.  It is tiring, but I'm doing it.  I am looking forward to November 16th when I can break for a couple of weeks.  The scary thing is once the next bit kicks in it is 3-4 solid months of pain and suffering.  I've still got a pretty good feeling for AUD and the study method I'm using.  I'm concerned that this method of studying will not be effective for REG and FAR (but should be good and sound for BEC).  I've looked through some other messages/forums for CPA exam takers and the more I read those the less comfortable I feel with the extent of my studying.  There are a ton of stories about people taking sections 3 and 4 times.  I can't imagine what I'll be like having to go through this level of study for that extended period of time.

One minor point of note:  I am finding an innocent comment from people is really annoying me for some unknown reason.  The comment I've heard from several people is "You're smart, you'll do fine."  I really wouldn't say that anyone sitting for the CPA exam would fall into my stupid category.  This isn't to say stupid people can't take the exam, just that it takes a lot to be able to take the exam, so most people taking it put in a good deal of effort.  Even with that effort a good chunk still fail (40-45% pass rate?).  Being smart by itself isn't nearly enough to pass this exam based on my previous taking in 2001, nor talking with those that have taken and are taking it.  While there is no ill-will in the comment, it doesn't have the reassuring message it is intended to have.  I wish I had more people around me that actually know what the deal is rather than just some vague notion of "oh he is studying for some test that is suppose to be hard."

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