Tuesday, October 20, 2009


177 days remaining
Mood – Proud
Study Time – 4 hours (9.5 total)
Sections Taken/Passed:  none/none

I went through all the homework multiple choice questions twice and the supplementary multiple choice questions once.  My first pass through the questions I got in the mid-70s for percent right (68% low, 88% high) between the 5 sections.  My second pass through I think I missed a grand total of 4 on the regular homework questions and got 90% on my first (only) pass through the supplementary questions.  After the questions I watched the final part of the lecture that we didn't cover in class (the simulation).  After that, I went through the flash cards once.  I've really improved on the flash cards compared to a week ago.  The only thing I am missing on those is minor items (ie. I understand the concept each card is going for).  There was an hour or so between my first pass at the questions and the second pass.  I'll go through them again another day to make sure I have retained the information.

Since there is no class tomorrow, the plan will be to work on the simulation.  Based on the lecture example it really doesn't look that bad.  I will probably be lacking on the written communication part, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.  The research tab looks usable, but I'll need to practice.  I hope there are enough simulations to get enough practice on.

The lack of class sort of throws my regular plan out.  Thursday should be more multiple choice for the new class and Saturday/Sunday for simulations.  I plan on using one of those days to read the two lectures for next week (1.5 hours each I'm assuming based on last reading).  The chart in the book says I should watch the intro lecture and tutorial videos, but I watched those last week.  I might end up with a few extra hours this week before the next two weeks hit me full speed.

I also scheduled my AUD exam with the testing center today.  Monday November 16 from noon until 5pm I'll sit for the first section.  The last class ends on the 5th, so that gives me 11 days to finish the homework for the final class, review all the material, and take the two practice exams for this section.  I better enjoy it as the next two sections will be on a much more compressed time table.

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