Thursday, October 29, 2009

Technical Problems

168 days remaining
Mood – good
Study Time – 4.0 hours (38.0 total)
Sections Taken/Passed:  none/none 

Technical problems annoyed me throughout the night tonight.  While working the AUD-3 class problems my computer locked up twice and rebooted once.  The reboot was when I was on question 100 of 100.  That means the software didn't record anything for that set of questions for me.  I was between 84% and 86% though for that set.  It took right at the four hour mark not including breaks and dog issues to get through all the AUD-2 and AUD-3 questions (all 396 of them).  I scored a 96% on the AUD-2 questions, which is in line with having done them a couple of times.  I came out at the 87% mark on the AUD-3 questions, mostly due to poor performance on the supplemental questions (66-70%).  Unlike Tuesday's pass through the AUD-3 questions, I felt a ton better about them this time.  I had the answers down to two options most of the time when I missed or had a RTCDQ issue.  I'm still short 4-5 hours between now and Monday's class in order to do all the study items I'd like to (see yesterday's post).  I might do a second mini-study session on Saturday to help.

Anyhow, I feel better about the AUD-3 section even if I am below the 90% mark I wanted to be at for my second pass through the questions.  I'm feeling really good about the AUD test in general still.

A side note for tonight:  Our dog was rather distracting tonight.  She kept pawing at the door like she needed to go out, only to run for a toy when I'd get up to let her out.  I know my study time is hard for her too, but she has actually been pretty good overall.  I also had a 15-20 minute break tonight for a friend that showed up (house sitting this weekend and needed the key).  While I got in 4 hours tonight, it took just shy of 5 to get those 4 hours in.  Tomorrow is a study-free night, but it is also Halloween, so frequent doorbell interruptions are expected.

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