Monday, March 1, 2010

Email Response That I Couldn't Email

I've been really good about replying to every email I get.  I received an email today that I have tried to respond to twice.  Each time it has bounced back as undeliverable address.  The email ended with  So in the interest of responding, if that was you that sent the email, here is the response:

Thanks.  The blog has been my stress relief outlet.  That anyone else reads it amazes me, let alone anyone finds it useful.

Join Jeff’s Club 75 on his website for at least a month.  It costs $20 per month.  You get his handwritten notes he used for REG which are awesome.  The only thing is you need to change the $100 to $500 for the casualty loss amount on them.  Those notes looked great and I wish I had them when I was working on REG.

Don’t bother trying to memorize threshold amounts.  In the exam the amount you are working with will either be grossly above or below the threshold if you see any questions testing that at all.  There are two exceptions.  Know the current amounts and phase outs for section 179 deductions.  Also know the $25000 allowed expensing (and related phase outs) for passive activity losses for mom & pop allowance.

Don’t skimp on the law stuff.  The MC questions seemed split about 50/50 between tax and law/ethics.  The sims were tax (it is possible, although unlikely, to get a law/ethics sim). 

Nothing in REG was hard or difficult.  There are just so many different topics to cover.  If you hit all topics once and are familiar with them you should be in good shape.  Nothing seemed to go very deep into any one topic, just the basics on a variety of things.

I have been a big fan of Becker so far.  It is ungodly expensive, especially if you don’t do all 4 courses.  It has been awesome though for format and presentation.  Yaegar is suppose to be amazing as well at a third of the price.  There are even bigger discounts if you are part of Jeff’s Club 75 thing.  There are others like you that have used the CPAexcel to good results as well.

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