Tuesday, March 23, 2010


29 days remaining
Mood - Frustrated
Study Time – 5.0 hours (345.0 total - FAR: 63.0 - BEC: 74.5 - REG: 118.0 - AUD: 89.5)
Scores:  AUD-94, REG-97, BEC-93

The good news is that I got through all the FAR-6 questions, including supplementals.  I ended up with 83% overall and surprisingly that broke out as 83% on the regular questions and 83% on the supplementals.  I feel a ton better about pensions than I did at first.  I feel much worse on deferred taxes though.  Sadly, the supplemental questions did not have any deferred tax questions.

The bad news is I took the day off work expecting to knock out FAR-5 this morning and then get to do some overall review this afternoon.  I ended up not getting much done this morning due to 'Real Life' kicking in and it was a frustrating 5 hours this afternoon getting through FAR-5.  I suppose the good part of that means at least I'm not falling further behind.

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