Monday, November 9, 2009

AUD-4 Within My Grasp

158 days remaining
Mood – Good
Study Time – 2.0 hours (76.0 total)
Sections Taken/Passed:  none/none

I didn't get a lot of time in tonight due to family stuffs (tm).  The time I did get in served as a good moral boost though.  I reworked the main multiple choice questions again for AUD-4.  I got 94%, which is a good, strong improvement over where I've been.  I am feeling much more confident in the questions.  I made improvements in every sub-section except the one I previously got 100% in (still got 100%).

Tomorrow I'll tackle the supplemental questions to see how I do there.  I'll also hopefully have time to take my first crack at a fully simulated MC test (gives 100 questions by content weight).  That leaves Wednesday for covering the supplemental simulations, Thursday/Friday for the simulated exams, and Saturday/Sunday for a final pass through the course material and reading of any other AICPA released material. 

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