Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Thunder Rolls

164 days remaining
Mood – upset
Study Time – 3.5 hours (53.5 total)
Sections Taken/Passed:  none/none

I only put in 3.5 hours, although I was really only 10 minutes from hitting the 4 hour mark.  Today's studying did not go as planned.  I did the AUD-4 (Monday's class) MC questions (but not the 137 supplemental ones) and only got 73%.  This is around or a little lower than I've done on questions prior to watching the lecture, although it is in-line with my other first pass through the questions.  The down side, I didn't have a clue on many of the questions.  These questions are more application of principles rather than more direct questions that have been given so far.  I didn't feel that I missed anything in the lecture, although there were many ratio questions that the lecture did not cover.  I will probably need to re-read and re-watch this lecture. 

I actually felt better about the AUD-5 questions, even if I did score slightly lower on them (70%).  Many of the questions in this section that I got wrong I had eliminated 2 of the 3 incorrect answers (was down to 2 choices).  I'm sure after the lecture and another pass through the questions I'll be doing good on this section.

No one likes to do what makes them feel stupid.  AUD-4 made me feel pretty dumb.  I can't just ignore it though.  I'll have to find some spare motivation lying around and push through it.  This has probably been my most demoralizing study session so far.  It was pretty sad that answering the questions for the material I haven't covered left me with a better feeling than the stuff I should have done better on.  This is really only my second "bad" day in the process, so I suppose it could be a lot worse.  It doesn't make it any easier to deal with though.

I'm trying to come up with my study plan for after the last AUD class.  I have 11 days to study after the last class assuming I take no study days off.  Half of one of those days has to be the simulations for AUD-4 & 5.  It will take another day and a half to do the AUD-4 & 5 questions again.  2 days have to be the practice tests.  I really need to re-watch the AUD-3 & 4 lectures and re-read the material.  So, that is 2 days to finish off homework for AUD-4 & 5, 3 days to re-read/watch AUD-3 & 4, and 2 days to do the practice exams.  That is 7 of my 11 days, leaving 4 days to cover the other stuff (and assuming I pick up the deficiencies in my AUD-3 & 4 material).  It is doable, but the lack of class isn't going to make it any less hard.

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