Sunday, November 8, 2009

Murphy's Law

159 days remaining
Mood – Good
Study Time – 4.5 hours (74.0 total)
Sections Taken/Passed:  none/none

I spent today reviewing AUD-2 and 3.  I did all the MC questions for both sections.  I got 95% on AUD-2 and 99% on AUD-3 (missed 2 out of was a RTCDQ issue).  I then did the simulations.  I missed one minor item on each simulation.  I did better on the written parts on both, but still lacking in overall performance here.  I also went through my flashcards.

On another note, I might be getting sick.  My throat is scratchy and hurts a bit.  This would of course happen this week rather than after the exam.  The possible good news is if I am getting sick, hopefully I can be over it by next weekend (before test).

Tomorrow's plan is to do AUD-5's MC questions and simulation.  That shouldn't take up all my evening, so after that I'll look at a couple of the supplemental simulations.  That leaves me a couple of days to do AUD-4 and then 4 days to do the 2 practice exams and other simulated MC question sets.

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