Monday, November 16, 2009

AUD Test Taken

151 days remaining
Mood – Hmmm
Study Time – 0 hours (89.5 total - REG: 0.0 - AUD: 89.5)
Sections Taken/Passed:  AUD/none

I took the AUD section of the CPA exam today.  The test still sucks as it did 8 years ago.  The one benefit is the chair was more comfy and my wrist doesn't hurt from writing this time.  I got to the testing center an hour and a half early.  I was expecting it to take longer to get there than it took.  The good news is they had room in the testing center (wish the parking lot could say the same thing) so I got started over an hour before I was scheduled.  The exam and interface was just like the practice tests in the Becker software except that the mouse scroll wheel worked better in the actual test.  The testing center was decent.  The chair was comfy and it didn't take long from the time I walked in before I was into the exam.  The room was pretty full when I got seated but was empty by time I left (including people that showed up hours after me).  The room was freezing by time I left.

The exam itself was exhausting.  I took just over 4 hours to take it.  I had to really slow myself down during the multiple choice.  I forced myself to take much longer than I felt I needed to.  As it stands, I still finished the multiple choice questions in just over an hour and a half (1 minute per question).  I could have done the MC parts in half of that time.  I felt really good about the first testlet.  The second testlet was pretty tough (good sign).  I am pretty sure my second testlet was one of the hard ones.  The thrird testlet was tough, but not as bad as the second.  I'm pretty sure my third testlet was also the hard level.  The simulations ended up being pretty spiffy.  The first simulation I blew through the first parts.  I had trouble tracking down the research question, but I think I finally found it.  The written part on that one struck me as really odd, but I think I did well on it.  The second simulation had fewer items and had the type that was in the review that I knew the concepts but had trouble nailing down the specific answer.  All in I still think I did alright on it.  The research question here was less problematic, but I'm less confident in that answer than on Sim 1.  The written portion of Sim 2 struck me as typical yet kindof kicked my butt.  I finally got something 90% finished and then basically reworked it.  I think my final product was much, much better than my first go, but still weak.

So, did I pass?  I kept track of the multiple choice progression.  If I missed every single question I wasn't 100% positive about I'd miss 19 (79%).  Many of those that I wasn't 100% on I had a really good feeling about my answer (half of those).  Most of the rest I had down to 2 answers.  There were only a couple of questions where I didn't have it down to 2 answers.  I could have done as well as 94% or as bad as 79%.  I imagine I'll end up in the mid-80s like I did during my studies.  This gives me between 55 and 65 points on the multiple choice section on a raw numerical basis.  I'm pretty sure I nailed almost all of simulation 1 (90-95%).  Simulation 2 I got between 75-85%.  Using a low end overall of say 15 points out of the 20 for the simulations (not counting written).  That puts my low end around 70 and my high end at 80 before the written.  That means I might not need any points on the written to 50% of the 10 points.

Overall I think I passed.  If I didn't pass it is going to be close.  There isn't much I can do about it other than wait.  It will be a month to month and a half before I know anything for sure.  I am actually fairly non-freaked about the score thing.  I can't do anything to make it get here faster and I haven't begun to worry about it yet.  I don't feel the compulsive need to go crazy trying to refresh the online page yet (I might though).  My co-workers would probably kill me if I start obsessing over the scores anyways.  Even if I didn't pass I can't really schedule another go at the AUD section until after I get through the next three classes anyhow.

I've got the REG book and lectures in my bag and my AUD materials put up.  I think I'm going to try and work on the REG lectures on Saturday/Sundays.  Saturday morning I can watch the lecture and Sunday morning take a look at the questions.  This would be one lecture a week.  If I do that I'll do 6 of the 7 lectures before the class starts.  That means the actual classes will be a portion of my review and hopefully I can get the test in the small window between the REG class ending and the BEC class starting.

My next post probably will not be until Saturday.  For tonight though, I'm pooped.  Bed and much needed sleep awaits.

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