Wednesday, November 11, 2009

1st Progressive Test

156 days remaining
Mood – Good
Study Time – 2.0 hours (81.0 total)
Sections Taken/Passed:  none/none

I took a progressive test tonight.  In the Becker software, this gives you 100 questions (assuming all 5 classes are selected), weighted by subject content.  This means subject matter that covers 35% of the tested material based on the exam guidelines would have 35 of the 100 questions.  This should simulate a population of questions similar to what should be seen in the exam.  I got 98 out of the 100 questions.  This is very motivating and is locking in my confidence for this section.  I'm still weaker on the simulations and especially the writing parts, but if I can get 95% on the MC on the exam then I really only have to come up with 10-15 out of the 30 points on the simulations.  After the progress test I went through the supplemental questions for AUD-4 that I missed.  I got most of them right today.  How much of that is just knowing that I got them wrong yesterday and choosing a different answer vs understanding it I am not sure yet.  I plan on going through all the AUD-4 MC questions again this weekend.

Tomorrow and Friday I plan on taking the two simulated final exams (one each day).  Hopefully I'll do as good on those MC questions as I did tonight.  If I do, I'll be feeling really good about the exam.  I'm getting close to where throwing more study time isn't going to make much improvement.  Once I get the two final exams done and go through the AUD-4 material again I plan on mostly reviewing notes instead of just more mindless MC question repetition.  Reading the Simulation solutions and reading my notes (studying the mnemonics) will be the focus for my weekend studying.

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