Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Almost Exam Day Again

54 days remaining
Mood - Ok
Study Time – 2.0 hours (280.0 total - BEC - 73.5 - REG: 118.0 - AUD: 89.5)
Scores:  AUD-94, REG-??

I did a general overview of the material tonight.  I also made it through the rest of the IT addendum that I had been ignoring for a couple of weeks.  There wasn't much in it that was unfamiliar to me though (finally a benefit to being a computer nerd!).  I have two pages of basic notes (mostly formulas).  I plan on narrowing it down to just a couple that I want to put on my scratch paper for reference.  It will also serve as a good thing to read right before going into the testing center.
I would also like to take a moment to say something about Jeff's site and specifically about his premium service Club 75.  Anyone that needs to take REG and/or FAR should sign up for a month of his premium service.  Part of his premium thing is he sends you his hand-written notes for REG and typed notes for FAR.  These things alone easily justify the $20 for 1 month.  I can't believe I didn't have the REG notes for studying (just signed up this past weekend well after I sat for the REG exam).  The only thing I noticed is you would need to update the casualty loss item from $100 to $500 to reflect the change that became testable this year.  There are other benefits to it as well, but getting your hands on those notes are the big benefit that I see.

On a more frustrating note, the AICPA has still not released any REG Wave 1 scores to the state boards.  All other sections have been released (last week or Monday).  Murphy's Law is alive and well for me on that.


  1. Hey Dale,

    First off your blog is awesome. It gives me the motivation to work just as hard as you do...i have a question though can you please advise on your study pattern for a fulltime job person ( I know you have proivded this earlier, but i can't understand it very well)like say if you get off work at 5:00 or 5:30, do you directly hit the books or go to the library or relax before studying, I dont know how you do 3 hours of studying after work almost everyday and hence I am trying to see if you have any pointers for cpa candidates like me who will need a little guidance..thanks alot in advance and sorry for the super long question.

  2. Sure, I'll make a real post about it since the comment field is a little tiny for what I'd like to say.

  3. So, for BEC did you memorize all of the formulas. I am studying for BEC right now, and am feeling completely overwhelmed by them. Any suggestions?

  4. I memorized most of them. I didn't memorize all the ratio formulas, although some did appear on my exam.