Monday, February 1, 2010

REG Test Taken

76 days remaining
Mood –Down
Study Time – 1.5 hours (208.0 total - BEC - 1.5 - REG: 118.0 - AUD: 89.5)
Scores:  AUD-94, REG-??

Anyhow, I took the test today.  They moved the testing center from where it was when I took the AUD test.  Parking wasn't as horrid an experience as it was at their other place.  I had my test scheduled at noon.  Once again I showed up way early and I got in when I showed up. I was at the computer within 5 minutes of walking in the door.  I got started around 10:20.  I did take almost the full time (10-ish minutes left).  

The test itself was bad.  I got through the first section more or less OK.  The second testlet made me want to slash my wrists right there at the computer.  The third testlet was almost as bad as the second.  I'd say as bad, but I think I was going numb at that point.  The simulations were hard to figure out what they were asking for.  What I did in the homework simulations really didn't apply well to what I got.  The written oddly enough came out almost just like my AUD written.  One of my written I didn't feel had anything to do with REG while the other obviously did.  Once again I hope they grade the non-REG one as I felt better about my response on that one vs the REG-related one. 

I am going to try avoiding making any full review of my thoughts on the Becker class until I get my score.  I especially wouldn't want to do a review right after walking out of the test since I feel like I just got beat up.  However, I will say that there was a specific item that was the topic of 3 MC questions on something that I do not recall even a mention in the Becker class.  I'll double check that in the next couple of days, but I do find it odd that 4% of the questions on a single thing wouldn't even have a mention.

I came home after a long 3 hour test and did what any sane person would.  I read the material for my next class that starts Wednesday.....ok, maybe sane is the opposite of what I mean.  The scary thing is I found the answer to something in my REG exam discussed in detail.  I also think I found in the table of contents the answer to one of my AUD questions. 

I am beginning to move from the random "I hate anything that makes me study" to a specific hatred of this test.  I know this is mostly exhaustion, but I can feel myself moving from a general dislike to a crazed hatred.  Which is kindof funny in one sense that I can see it and know it for what it is and yet do nothing to change the feeling.

Anyhow, I've added tags for BEC and started the hour count into that section now on my study tracking.  I get the rest of the day to feel down, sulk, drink heavily (kidding), etc.  Tomorrow I start in on BEC and I've got that test in 3.5 weeks.

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  1. Dale - I found your website thru I walked out of FAR today feeling similar. I've only taken FAR and REG and I cried all the way home after REG (I'm a girl - does that help at all?). I took REG last May. I wasn't able to get my score released because I sat for the exam under the 180-day provision and was finishing up my eligibility credits. I was so convinced that I didn't pass REG in May that I even put off sending in my transcripts until October (2 months after finishing up my credits!). When I finally received my score, I got an 88! I refreshed the screen multiple times because I thought it was someone else's score. There was just no way that it was mine. The point of this entire story is - you have put in more than adequate time, and I truly believe it pays off. And, REG SUCKS. It makes you feel miserable, but I know you will be pleasantly surprised. And I'm not one of those people that says, you're smart, you'll do fine and have no idea what I'm talking about...I, do, in fact, know exactly what I am talking about :) Good luck with BEC.