Thursday, February 18, 2010


60 days remaining
Mood - Frustrated
Study Time – 3.0 hours (254.5 total - BEC - 48.0 - REG: 118.0 - AUD: 89.5)
Scores:  AUD-94, REG-??

I am pretty pooped after what has been a painful week.  I am taking tomorrow off  from work though, so hopefully I can recover a bit.  I went through some of the BEC-5 Appendix readings (not all).  I tried to do the BEC-5 questions tonight.  I got through the first sub-set of questions with 76% correct.  I got halfway through the second subset and was very frustrated and was basically just making up calculations trying to find a matching answer.  I was getting horribly frustrated and annoyed.  I finally just closed out of the BEC-5 stuff all together as my mental state was not going to be conductive to any sort of learning.

Instead, I fired up a Progress Test using material from all the BEC classes except BEC-5.  This gave me 75 questions that I burned through in about an hour.  The great news is that I got 73 out of 75 on those questions (97% - go me!).  I felt mostly good on the questions.  There were a couple that I didn't get at the correct answer the way the solution did, but it wasn't me guessing at the answer either (actually don't think I just plain guessed on any of them).  The questions that gave me pause are the areas I will review over the next couple of days.  There really weren't many areas that I didn't feel good on.  I'll review that snazzy table for BEC-1 that summarized all the entity properties.  I need to hit a few of the formulas from BEC-2 & BEC-3 again just to speed up my time on the calculation-intensive problems.

So, how am I going to deal with BEC-5?  I am planning on going through the lecture tomorrow section by section doing the questions for each section as I do.  That helped me a bit in BEC-2 and a great deal of help in BEC-3.  If I can get comfortable with the BEC-5 stuff on Friday I can work on the BEC-2, BEC-3, & BEC-5 supplemental questions on Saturday and Sunday.  That would give me Monday for a full 100 question progress test and Tuesday/Wednesday for the two practice final exams.  I plan on little to no study time the day before so I can relax and be fresh next Friday for the actual exam.

I feel less prepared for this section than either of the other two.  Looking at my study time for this section it becomes very apparent why.  I really should be close to the hours for AUD since they both have five classes in them, yet I am just around half.  I have known my hours were low for a week and a half but sadly I feel like it has been as many.  This is the effects of the burn out I've been feeling I suppose.  My mood was pretty similar after doing the BEC-2 & BEC-3 questions the first time.  Re-watching those lectures really was extremely beneficial.  Hopefully tomorrow will provide a similar bump in my mood/confidence.

While I'm being moody and down I suppose I can also rant about score releases too.  I was hoping the AICPA would have released the REG scores to the NASBA and State Boards today (actually had hoped for yesterday).  There really isn't anything I can do to influence the score release so I need to not worry about it.  The lack of any activity on the score releases though is a bit frustrating though.


  1. Becker and BEC was the exact same reason that I quit studying last year and gave up... :(

    I've really enjoyed reading your blog and you've inspired me to begin studying again.

    Hang in there and don't you give up... you've come to far.

  2. I knew there would be these ups and downs. I remember them from my college years. I hated them then too. I will push through this. I've spent too much money and time to walk away. I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed the blog and are going to give it another go.