Wednesday, February 3, 2010

BEC-1 Class

74 days remaining
Mood - Good
Study Time – 4.0 hours (212.0 total - BEC - 5.5 - REG: 118.0 - AUD: 89.5)
Scores:  AUD-94, REG-??

I didn't do the BEC-1 questions yesterday like I had planned.  I was plain pooped and took an evening to kick back and relax.

It was good to hear from others in my class that they had many of the same issues I had on the REG exam.  I cannot explain why we all take comfort in our collectively shared misery, but it really does help to be around others that are going through this as well. 

The BEC-1 lecture was pretty simple and straight forward.  I did fine on the MC questions in-class.  I'll see how I do tomorrow on the questions.  The lecture was not as boring as reading the material made it out to be.  I did read the material after sitting through a 3 hour test, so I don't suppose I should be relying on my judgment that day.

I've gotten several emails in the past week from people reading this blog.  I am surprised that anyone is or has actually read anything I have to say.  I'm always glad to give pointers where I can (without running afoul of disclosure issues of course).  I started this blog so I could track my time and mood throughout the process and to have at the end of the process a detailed record of how I did things.  I find it a bit comforting knowing that others are going through the same issues I am and that I might be able to help or reduce those issues for others.  If you have questions feel free to email me.  

Also, in my links section to the right is a link to  It is a great resource for those working through the CPA exam.  I have found the collective suffering we are all going through to be calming.  There are a ton of really smart people there using all sorts of different study materials.  Everyone there is extremely patient and helpful with so many things related to this exam.

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